Gluten-free sources on the web! (updated)

It's Gluten-Free!    An excellent resource for meal planning for families with Gluten-free needs Great gluten-free, Elimination and Anti-inflammatory Diet- focused website. Tons of recipes! Check out the archives for some great GF recipes. An index to some good GF recipes Good for sweet and savory recipes Great Gluten and Dairy free recipes that use alternative sweeteners Brilliant writing from a UK homeopath. Most recipes are gf and SCD friendly. She's also a homeopath. Not updated often now, but has a huge archive of recipes. Plus, the benefit of British tongue-in-cheek humour :^D Mostly sweets; uses lots of stevia and erythritol/xylosweet. has an excellent GF flour blend that can be used 1:1 for regular white flour… but be careful! It’s a little TOO easy to have on hand all the time… Not all GF or DF, largely vegetarian… but good ideas for side dishes and veggies, sometimes