Cold Weather Beef Stew

The change of the seasons from summer to fall means it's time to start breaking out the Dutch ovens and Crockpots to make those great nourishing one-pot meals that will fill your family's tummies and warm their hearts without breaking the bank. The great thing about soups and stews is that these meals make it easy to eat produce that is in season and they contain lots of immune-supporting ingredients in them, as well.

Here is a recipe for beef stew I made that was a modification of Martha Stewart's version.


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Choices, Healthy Environment

Every day we make choices about the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the places we go. In a world of convenience, we are also presented with a multitude of choices in the products and goods to buy that can help us keep our households and yards looking sparkly clean and free of pests, or that make our skin look blemish and wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, the ingredients in these products, while they may be effective in the action they are purported to perform, can actually be very detrimental to our health.


Strengthening Your Immune System for the Fall and Winter

Ahhh.... the smell of fall is in the air... The days are gradually getting shorter while the shadows are slowly getting longer. The air is filled with the chatter of kids and the shuffling papers as teachers hand out the homework assignments that will fill the after-school hours along with all the other extracurricular activities of the fall season, including sports, music lessons, and other fun events. The busyness of fall is an exciting and often welcome change from the dog days of summer.


Gluten-free sources on the web! (updated)

It's Gluten-Free!    An excellent resource for meal planning for families with Gluten-free needs Great gluten-free, Elimination and Anti-inflammatory Diet- focused website. Tons of recipes! Check out the archives for some great GF recipes.

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